Creativity Unit for 5th Graders (ideas from last school year)
Survey ( Survey Monkey, Goggle forms, poll everywhere??)
Enter data on Excel to make graphs and use data to determine social problem/issue for teams to work on
Mixed teams of Birmingham, MI USA + Birmingham, England UK to work on social problems

Possible Problems (Divergent Thinking)
· Cheating
· Lying
· Bullying(physical and emotional)
· Tattle Tales
· Stealing
· Not doing their part in a collaborative group
· Swearing and using inappropriate language
· Unhealthy Habits (not washing hands, not covering sneezes, etc.)
· Poor sportsmanship
· Cliques/not including everyone
· Negative Attention-Seekers
· Litterbugs
· Using technology inappropriately
· Academic
· Cheating
· Inappropriate use of technology
· Working in Groups
· Organization/Responsibility
· Work has appropriate challenge
· Social
· Tattling
· Cliques
· Bullying
· Stealing
· Lying

Skype Questions
How many classes?
How many people in a class?
How many people in your school?
How do you get graded (A, B, C, or number ratings, etc.)?
Do you get graded in citizenship and work habits? What exactly do you get graded on?
What do you wish was different at school?
Does your school have a code of conduct? Do you have schools of character in England?


To encourage creative thinking
To develop critical and analytical thought
To present an effective problem solving model
To work cooperatively and collaboratively in teams.