What are Habits of Mind?

Habits of Mind Rubric

Child Friendly summaries of the Habits of Mind

Summaries of the 16 Habits Of Mind

Unpacking the Meaning of the Habits of Mind- As a department determine which of the 16 Habits on which you will focus for the year. See suggested options below for introducing habits.
Explain that you will be using Habits of Mind all year in enrichment and that you expect each student to use them in their everyday class work and reflect on how they will be using them, and that you will begin today exploring what habits of mind are.

Option 1- Place each habit on an index card and have each team of students pick a face down card. You might decide to limit the number of habits each session and focus on three of four each class period, with a group of four students working on each habit. Use the "Split Y Chart," found on the Instructional Specialist Resources page, to have each group of students pack the meaning of the selected Habit. What does it look like, feel like, and sound like when someone exhibits this particular habit. Share out with the group. From our discussion, how would you define a "habit of mind?” When would be a good and bad time to use this habit?
Option 2- Use a word splash strategy. Put chart paper around the room for each team of students. Place each habit on an index card and have each team of students pick a face down card. Have each team title the chart paper with the habit they choose, and word splash the “Habit”.A word splash is a collection of key terms, synonyms, and phrases that convey meaning similar to a particular term. Students may use symbols, pictures, icons, etc to describe a habit. Give students 15 minutes to word splash and then have a walkabout with each team visiting the habit charts and adding any new words/symbols/pictures/icons to each chart. From our discussion, how would you define a habit of mind?

Follow-up activity-Use games to further emphasize how habits are used. Place several games and/or brain teasers on each table that relate to a particular habit previously covered.. Take ten minutes to play the game and/or solve the brain teasers. Have each table debrief by looking at the selected habits you have chosen or the 16 habits on the The Institute for Habits of Mind. Discuss the following questions: Which ones did you use? Why/how did you choose game? Follow with a whole group sharing.

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